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Swordtail fry (sanke koi), corydoras and floating plants for sale and trade now. Soon red neocaridina shrimp!

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Hi, I have some swordtail fry available for sale and trade. I have lots and get you an even better deal if you can buy more (be ready/setup because they can breed like nuts once matured enough). I have many sizes of fry and some more adolescent size.

I also have floating plants: frogbit, salvinia, duckweed. I can remove duckweed from frogbit and salvinia before selling if you want to avoid it.

I accept cash and trades on comparable value items.



Swordtail fry:

Small/younger fry: $0.25/each

Older fry (medium size): $0.50/each

The larger size can be more like $1/each. Some are closer to 1.25-1.5" ish. 


Corydora fry: (aeneus)

~1" or larger size, smaller than 2".: $3

~2" size: $5


Floating Plants:

Amazon Frogbit: 1 large frogbit for $1, 4 small frogbit for $1

Salvinia: 1/4 cup for $4

Duckweed: 1/4 cup for $1


*Free brown ramshorn snails available upon request Smile


Please email me for more info! Planning to be at the next fish club meet, can bring them to a meet. Thanks so much!!


Trades accepted:

Neocaridina shrimp (yellow, blue diamond, blue jelly, blue dream, blue jelly, snowball, green jade, orange; any rili pattern).

Endlers* pending variety.*

Snails: mystery snails, ramshorn snails (pink/red, blue), malaysian trumpet snails.

Cultures: Daphnia, black worms, microworms, vinegar eels.

Aquariums: 10 gal or larger, preferably 20-40 gal size. 


Email me at: j.h.aquatics.overland.park@gmail.com

and can look me up on Instagram (j.h.aquatics).  I also have corydora aeneus (green/bronze); homebred. Many sizes of fry and young fish. I should have some red cherry shrimp available soon, too.

Thank you so much for your time!


-Jessica with J.H. Aquatics