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Breaking November and Year end Bowl show results

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We had a disappointing turnout for the November Bowl Show with as many people that attended the meeting.

1 bowl

Doryfish Neon tetras 

So, Dory's bowl pushed her into first place for the year. The Moral of the story is participate. If you do you could win fabulous prizes at the end of the year.

I will bring the prizes to the December meeting.  

Final standings

1st  Doryfish 50 pts

2nd Julianaquatics 45 pts

3rd Walter 35pts,

4th Jan 15 pts

5th David Day 10 pts and JulieHirner 10 pts 

7th Justin, Josiah, Rodger 5pts


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congrats Dory, I should have brought my two neons this last meeting. lol. I was so close.

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LOL, I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to win first place!!

I will admit I thoroughly enjoy participating when I can. 

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@doryfish1021 I think the rescue turtle made all the difference over the year, especially since he is living his best life back in the wild .