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February Plant Auction Info

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  We are less than a week away from our annual plant auction. Below are some rules and information about the event

  * Auction will start at normal meeting time of 1pm in the regular meeting room. We encourage people to come at 12:30 especially if you need to register for auction or are selling items in auction

  * Auction will primarily be items donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries. They have been a great supporter of our club for years and always send a great variety of items. We won’t know exact items until right before auction when they arrive. The items currently listed on mygroupauction site are based on what they have sent in past years so you have an idea of what to expect.

  * Current club member are allowed to sell up to 5 plants each at normal auction split of (70% seller 30% club). We limit items because of space and time restrictions for this event. Our all item Spring auction is coming up in March. Sellers must enter items on mygroupauction page and label all bags.

  * Like normal meetings we do also except donation items which can be fish or plants. Would prefer to have these listed on mygroupauctions also just check donation box.

  * All payment forms will be accepted, sellers will receive payment by check about 2 weeks after auction.

  * We will have a bowl show like normal at this event with a plant theme.

  Look forward to seeing you all there.






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I have got all of the plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries entered into They are outstanding as usual. There are even some different ones. They also sent and incredible plant reference book, Christel Kasselmann's "Aquarium Plants". This is her 4th, revised and greatly expanded edition. 640 pages, 830 color photos, 11 tables, 8 drawings. Publisher Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart 2019. retail $80 I know books aren't cool anymore, but this one is.   

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