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Spring Swap is almost here

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   Just a few days away from our Spring Swap, this Saturday 5/13 at 11am. We currently have 38 tables lined up with 27 different sellers. A great variety of items to chose from including including several African cichlids breeders, several varieties of cories such as gold lasars,  plecos including L138, L398, and all different varieties of bristlenose. Livebearers with several varieties of guppies, swords and endlers but also some rarer Livebearers like Limia, Goodieds, and cave Mollies. we will also have Bettas, egg layers like CPDs, danios and tetras. There will be several shrimp breeders there and a ton of plants even some pond lilys. We will also have some saltwater with Happy Fish KC there and possibly a few others.

   The swap will start at 11am. To give everyone a chance and also make it easier for breeders to get set up will will not allow anyone in until 11am. Sellers you can start setting up at 9:30 and would like to have everyone set and ready to go at 11:00

    See you all there!

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