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Question pleco spawnings

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I have recently had a 1st spawn of pleco, red male, oops albino female altho red female avail.. had mix which I left in tank,,,,no survivors. 2nd spawn within last month- I pulled the breeding tube and moved it to a 5 gal once the babies were ready to emerge (bribed daddy out with pleco wafers).. so far the babies are thriving..25-40ish (moving little, bitty, camoflaged babies).. a mix of red/albino.  Can I pull the albino female and will the red female/male be more likely to spawn??

how does one check about the BAP requirements??


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We are working out a few details on transferring the BAP details to the new website. We should have it done around the first of the year. 

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Mikey posted the forms today, if you have questions about filling them out, please ask.