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misc aquarium equipment - $50

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Misc Aquarium Equipment $60 for everything($50 if you bring your own box), Everything sold as is, not splitting it up.

Pickup in Overland Park, near 435/Metcalf/106th ST.


for sale

Tetra ReptoFilter 125gph Top Fin Adjustable Airpump with four outlets 4 Mini Humidifiers 2 solar pond fountains Steel lily Pipes Co2: Mini Co2 Regulators, one has a paintball adapter.Co2 diffusers, Paintball co2 tanks(they need to be hydrotested?) Misc A : aquarium pumps, air pump, mini skimmer Misc B: UGF Box (2), xmas snowglobe bubbler, Food Dispenser, brine shrimp hatchery, UGF filter, floating leaf clips, uv glasses? 2x 2g Aquariums


Aqueon QuietFlow UV18 (missing accesories) BRS 4 Stage Value Plus - 75 GPD (missing accessories/untested) Amosijo Aquarium Canister Filter.(untested) A bunch of old aquarium chems most are expired, but idk, up to you if you actually want them.


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