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Schedule for 2024

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2024 HAAS Schedule

Jan – January 13th  Steven Waldron Aquarium Zen “The Aquascape Evolution: Creating a natural aquascape by learning from nature”

Feb – February 10th Plant Sale Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries Workshops - 

Mar – March 9th HAAS Spring Auction 

Apr –April 13th Mike Gaines NWAAS Nano tanks

May – May 11th Swap

Jun – June 8th –Alexander Williamson History of the hobby

Jul – July 13th Lawrence Kent TBD

Aug – August 10th Summer swap

Sep – September 14th Spencer Jack Cichlids

Oct – October 12th Fall Auction

Nov- November 9th Joel Antkowiak TBD

Dec – December 14th Potluck Xmas party and 2024 Planning Session


Here is the Tentative schedule for next year. There may be some changes over the course of the year but here is where we stand now. I am also working on 2025 HAAS' 75th anniversary year. I think we need to do it up big if we can. Think about any ideas you have or things you think would be fun to do extra. Here is what I have so far. I am just sticking to our current format, but we can change that and add extra events etc.


Jan – January 11th Meeting 

Feb – February 8th Plant Sale Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries  

Mar – March 8th HAAS Spring Auction 

Apr –April 12th Meeting 

May – May 10th Swap

Jun – June 14th – Meeting 

Jul – July 12th Jeremy Basch Amazon tropics TBD

Aug – August 9th Summer swap

Sep – September 12th Meeting 

Oct – October 11th Fall Auction

Nov- November 8th Meeting  

Dec – December 13th Potluck Xmas party and 2026 Planning Session

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If a tbd isn't available I'd like to see if we could get someone from the CARES Preservation Program. That is if others are interested.