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    Fish room no more, we sold off the vast majority of our tanks fish and equipment, we were down to 2 tanks until recently when I picked up two 40 breeders for $40, the corydoras bug is back. My local store in Wichita The Planted Tank got 15 Corydoras melanotaenia (Green-gold Cory) for $2:49 each. I did not order them I just could not resist them at that price. They are now flitting hither and yon in one of the 40's and once they have grown to full size I will split them into two groups and hopefully breed them.

    If anyone from the KC area ever gets to Wichita I can highly recommend The Planted Tank, Joe is a plant expert, not only can he get the vast majority of plants that are available he can advise you on how and where they need to go. He has won national championships with his aquascapes so I guess that shows he really does have an artistic eye as well.
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