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Our July Meeting will be like last year where we demo some DIY projects. This will be a hands on opportunity so you will have the chance to participate!
Here are some details on what we will be talking about Saturday and doing at the DIY meeting. Danon will be doing a presentation on epoxying rock work to build rock structures, like he did for his reef tank.
Walter(if his doctor will allow) will do a presentation on building pleco caves, LED light conversions, and possibly building a K1 filter ( if he can find all the material).
Ryan is going to do a DIY CO2 system, and it looks like someone from Live Art Aquatics will do a presentation how to plug a sump presentation. Keep in mind these are subject to change.
We will also be doing our Bowl Show, discussing the moving of tanks from a former member's home, and we may have some rather large fish for our Mini Auctions if no one claims them before the meeting!
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