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We got baby guppies!!!! :)
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baby what?
Guppies. We used to breed cichlids, but my dad accidentally killed them all and then refused to buy new ones. He wanted fish that were cheaper and easier to care for, so we got guppies.
Howdy howdy,

I was given your info on the forums because you may or may not breed some Lake Tang cichlids.

I have 6 C. frontosa that I am about to move into a 55 to stretch their legs and grow and I'm thinking they could handle a friend or two.

But if you are, in fact, breeding anything interesting, or have any Tangyanika advice, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks much,

divide, then subdivide
Thanks for the info on mopani wood, glad it's not a problem..friend thought maybe my firemouth f and convict m spawned from phone pics.
You’re welcome, I’m glad I was able to help. It’s too bad theyre not a spawn. I feel that way about snail eggs when I see them, always disappointed theyre not cory cat eggs.
Howdy Ray. My Best Bud's name is Ray, Ray Gun, Sugar Ray, Ray Ray, etc. I saw a chick trying to sell an in box plain stand for a 20 high for $45. No can do. Retail might be $52.25.

If you have a lead on a clean stand for a 20L by this Saturday or so, please let me know. I'm in Independence, by Costco.

Buenos noches.
Sorry I don't have any leads on stands. In a pinch I just put tanks on the floor.
Good luck!
Jeff, I have a great huge bunch of Sag, healthy with roots. I must be rid of it. If you are inclined to come to me, you are welcome to it all. Please let me know ASAP if you are able to do this is. PaulG
We know our limited winter hours aren't ideal for many hobbyists so Starting Thursday January 23, we will be adding evening hours 4-8pm every Thursday!
We also have a fresh stock of aquacultured clown fish and Banggai cardinals!
I am having some difficulties getting the completed BAP form to save so I can email it. I can download the form, fill it out, and print, but every time I try to save the completed form it saves it as the original blank copy. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Any Suggestions? If needed, I can scan and email the completed form to you as well as bring the hard copy of the completed form to the meeting tomorrow.
Disregard. Figured out what I was doing wrong!
First shipment of marine fish and inverts today!! Just a few reef crab species and some aqua cultured clownfish. call store for details!
Had to do a family thing last meeting. See you next one. Over 65 new guppy fry this week! Ran some of my baby shrimp right out into the open. Wow!
Ryan, did you tell me this weekend that you were looking to get a swap table? Just let me know.
Awesome BBQ for the June meeting. Your FISH ROOM(s) are FINNNNNTASTIC! And SUPER-SWEET OUTDOOR POND setup as well. Amazing work and THANKS A BUNCH for hosting everyone. BBQ was AMAZING! and FELLOWSHIP was WARM and WELCOMING as always! Thanks so much for opening up your home and sharing your (obvious) passion with us all!
Hello, new to the sight. I have glass 55 gal. aquarium, cabinet, 2-Emperor 280 filtration pumps, Aquatic Life twin bulb T5 fixture, Fluvall heater and misc. parts and pieces. Also have iron 55 gal stand as well. Looking to sell due to not having the time to keep up with it. Have a 3yr old and twins on the way soon. Asking $300 for everything but open to reasonable offers. Thanks.
I am new to Missouri. I am excited to be a part of the crew!
Welcome, Peter! I'm not new to Missouri, but I am new to this club! I see you're a Joplinite! Yay! I left a response on your other forum post. ;) Pleased to make your virtual acquaintance! :D