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Howdy howdy,

I was given your info on the forums because you may or may not breed some Lake Tang cichlids.

I have 6 C. frontosa that I am about to move into a 55 to stretch their legs and grow and I'm thinking they could handle a friend or two.

But if you are, in fact, breeding anything interesting, or have any Tangyanika advice, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks much,

divide, then subdivide
Thanks for the info on mopani wood, glad it's not a problem..friend thought maybe my firemouth f and convict m spawned from phone pics.
You’re welcome, I’m glad I was able to help. It’s too bad theyre not a spawn. I feel that way about snail eggs when I see them, always disappointed theyre not cory cat eggs.
Howdy Ray. My Best Bud's name is Ray, Ray Gun, Sugar Ray, Ray Ray, etc. I saw a chick trying to sell an in box plain stand for a 20 high for $45. No can do. Retail might be $52.25.

If you have a lead on a clean stand for a 20L by this Saturday or so, please let me know. I'm in Independence, by Costco.

Buenos noches.
Sorry I don't have any leads on stands. In a pinch I just put tanks on the floor.
Good luck!