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We know our limited winter hours aren't ideal for many hobbyists so Starting Thursday January 23, we will be adding evening hours 4-8pm every Thursday!
We also have a fresh stock of aquacultured clown fish and Banggai cardinals!
I am having some difficulties getting the completed BAP form to save so I can email it. I can download the form, fill it out, and print, but every time I try to save the completed form it saves it as the original blank copy. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Any Suggestions? If needed, I can scan and email the completed form to you as well as bring the hard copy of the completed form to the meeting tomorrow.
Disregard. Figured out what I was doing wrong!
First shipment of marine fish and inverts today!! Just a few reef crab species and some aqua cultured clownfish. call store for details!