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Jeff, I have a great huge bunch of Sag, healthy with roots. I must be rid of it. If you are inclined to come to me, you are welcome to it all. Please let me know ASAP if you are able to do this is. PaulG
We know our limited winter hours aren't ideal for many hobbyists so Starting Thursday January 23, we will be adding evening hours 4-8pm every Thursday!
We also have a fresh stock of aquacultured clown fish and Banggai cardinals!
I am having some difficulties getting the completed BAP form to save so I can email it. I can download the form, fill it out, and print, but every time I try to save the completed form it saves it as the original blank copy. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Any Suggestions? If needed, I can scan and email the completed form to you as well as bring the hard copy of the completed form to the meeting tomorrow.
Disregard. Figured out what I was doing wrong!