Various equipment for sale or trade


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I have a few things I don’t have a use for:
  • Fluval planted 2.0 LED light 24”; 6 of the LEDs are dim/off, but the vast majority are still bright
  • Finnex stingray LED light 20”
  • Nicrew LED day/night light 10”
  • Heavy duty submersible pump; not labeled, but somewhere around 900gph; comes with intake filter
  • Aqueon HOB UV sterilizer
  • Three 1321 gph power heads. One magnetic, two suction cup
  • Marineland Penguin 200 biowheel HOB filter; new in box
Some wishlist items I’m happy to trade for:
  • Micro worm culture
  • Other live food cultures
  • Iron supplement
  • Madagascar lace plant (Aponogeton Madagascariensis)
  • Medium-Large Anubias plants
  • Spider wood
  • Pearl gourami
  • Scarlet badis pair
  • Dwarf cichlid pair
  • Female Congo tetras
Feel free to shoot me a text (254) 366-3819
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