The Heart of America Aquarium Society (HAAS). Who we are ...

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The Heart of America Aquarium Society of Kansas City is a not-for-profit hobby and recreational organization dedicated to the advancement and/or dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the biology of aquarium and pond-related fauna and flora, with particular reference to their maintenance and propagation in captivity.

Our regular meetings are held beginning at 1:00 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month at the following location:

Gashland Presbyterian Church
8029 North Oak Trafficway
Gladstone, MO 64118

2022 Officers
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On two separate occasions I have built very big aquariums with very small budgets. In both cases the first stage is locating an inexpensive but big front glass. In both cases habitat for humanity all glass showers presented the best option. Patience is required. Until a glass front exists and can be had under or near 100 bucks nothing else can be done.
No problem. If you go to the right side of the screen and select your "handle" or name you log in with. You then select Account Upgrades (which is just to the right of your Password and Security. That will take you to the various selections you can make to renew or start a membership. If you have any further problems, you are welcome to give me a call. 913-568-4014 Mike
Updated the elected officials for 2022 and added email addresses if anyone wants info related to the office in which they are responsible.