Tentative Schedule for 2020


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2020 HAAS Schedule
Jan – January 11th Meeting Jason Wilson Cichlids, new foods and Fritz products
Feb – February 8th Plant buy Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries plants Dustin Wunderlich Dustin's Fishtanks
Mar – March 14th Spring Auction
Apr –April 11th Meeting Shawn Flynn Pure Fish Works Apisto’s
May – May 9th Meeting Pond Plant Buy? Cary Strong Warm Water Pathology
Jun – June 13th Picnic –Meeting Picnic –
Jul – July 11th Meeting Carolyn Weise “Really Big Aquariums” (ponds)
Aug – August 8th SWAP Meet
Sep – September 12th Meeting – Danté Fenolio Conservation
Oct – October 10th Fall Auction
Nov – November 14th - Meeting officer elections for 2021
Dec – December 12th Pot Luck Xmas party and 2021 Planning Session
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