Tang Community stocking questions


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I think I have decided to do a Tang community with my 75 gallon. I have kept many tangs in the past in species/breeding tanks, but never in a community. I have also never kept these specific fish before. The fish I would like to keep are

J. marlieri
N. leleupi
N. caudopunctatus

Maybe some A. Calvus and maybe some shellies.

I've never kept any of the tangs listed except for the shellies.

What types of numbers would I need to keep of each to help ensure that no one is being beaten too badly? Would a pair or trio of each likely work, or would it be better to slightly overstock the way you might with a community of Mbuna?

Also would the Leleupi and caudopuncs hybridize? Or be too aggressive with one another as they are similar? Thanks for any thoughts/feedback. I'm really excited to just have a tank again that's just to look at and enjoy as opposed to raising fry and dealing with a fish room. Of course, I'll probably have the fish room setback up before I know it. I know you all know it's a type of madness really.
Most of the time I have kept tangs as species only. I kept Demasoni (Mbuna) and Leleupi together. Both are pretty tough and they both spawned in a 40 breeder tank with a lot of rocks. I have never been successful with coudopuctatus. I have read they should be treated as shellies. I kept julies in a species only 70 gallon tank and they spawned and had a colony going when I sold them. I have had Marlier and never had them spawn for me. Julies are temperamental for me as to what tank they spawn in. All you can do is experiment as to stocking. I think I would put shellies instead of coudopuncs. in your tank. If you put in Calvus they will pick off your fry. Calvus are notoriously slow in growing up so they may be alright while they are small. I don't think you would have any hybridization between the fish mentioned. I always tried to have at least 6 of any species, but I did it so I could have a chance of them spawning.


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The Leleupi and Demasoni combo is very tempting Walter. Such great colors with both. Good to know about the Calvus, I've always liked the way they look, but would hate to have them picking off fry. Shellies are such a cool group, I wouldn't mind having them again. It's good to see you're still involved with the club Walter. Hope everything is still going well down on the farm.
The Leleupi and Demasoni combo was a lot of fun. I started with 10 ea and ended up with breeding colonies of both. I lost some to aggression, but I would take all the rocks out every month or two and catch babies. I bought them all at the same time and they grew up together. It was a long time ago, but I remember where I bought them. Cichlids and Salt in Springfield John doesn't own the store now, but he was at out last swap meet.


I would suggest no shellies with the leleupi but otherwise those are pretty good choices. Leleupi are by far the Tangs stoat seem to cross with oth lamprologus species. I will be at the auction if you want to look me up to discuss any further.