SPRING AUCTION - Postponed - New date to be determined

The officers within the club have had a lengthy discussion about the COVID-19 virus and threats to in possesses. As a result we have voted to postpone the auction until it is deemed safer for our club members. I will update the auction flyers when we have the new date selected and post it here and on Facebook as well. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope everyone understands. In the meantime, enjoy you fish at home. In addition, there will be NO regular scheduled HAAS meeting on Saturday, either. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email auction@kcfishclub.org.


Any word on when the auction will. I need some live plants and driftwood and I would rather spend my money at other group members. But if any members have plant cultures message or text me 785-250-3568 me and I will come to Kc
Unless we have an auction with less than 10 attendees. I wouldn't expect anything till May depending on what the "establishment" allows us to do. We will post on here as soon as we know anything. You best direction is to purchase direct at a local pet store or from some other club members directly. Good luck! Be sure to check out Band too. Lots sold on there as well.
I have some small driftwood pieces (nano) on slate but no large ones. You might try Steve Nicolas (alexikoi) for plants. We are both in KCK.