Social Media Drive


New member
As we discussed last Saturday, lets get some activity going in this forum and social pages. I have started what I call "Show Me Monday", the idea is to break up the monotony of Mondays by highlighting member aquariums. A call to action for our members to boost our page and to show off what we as a club do.
Post your pic here, ill watermark it with your name ( let me know if there is an alias you'd prefer to use) and ill post it to our page, or you can go directly to our Facebook page and share it there if you dont have a public page you share from.
If you do have a public social page tag your posts with #ShowMeMonday #kcfishclub #HAASKC using those hashtags will make it easier for me to find posts that were posted to our page.
At the end of the month I plan on compiling all the pics and making a slideshow to present at the next months meeting.