Shooters fishroom swap delivery aug 10


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L46 if I find a good size one for table.
L66 $20
L183 $20
L262 male $30
L333 $20
L399 $30
L411 $15
Calico bushynose 4/$15
Albino blue eyes 4/$20
Super red bushynose 3/$20
Brown bushynose w/ red gene 3/$15

Sterbai Cory’s 5/$25

Assassin snails 6/$10

Aulonocara stuartgranti ngara flametails $5 ea

Petrochromis sp bulu pt $20ea (presales only)

New life spectrum
Thera A 1mm $55
Thera A 7mm $55
Cichlid 1mm $50

Malaysian driftwood
Sm/med. $15
Med/lg $25

1.5”. $6
2.5 $8

For pictures please check out shooters fishroom Page or see the haas Facebook post shared from shooters fishroom. Please don’t mention selling or prices. Facebook is cracking down on all things fish so for haas site and my page site let’s not give any reasons.

Message me and questions on here, Facebook or even text orders. (Please keep to 8am-8pm hours. 515-290 four 1 four 8

Last call for fish to bring to swap is Friday 8/9 at noon

Kris and Amy
Shooters fishroom
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