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Well, I got to go to KU earlier this week to get my heart shocked back into a normal sinus rhythm. I was so weak and feel so much better now. Not sure how much stuff I'll be bringing for the swap. Funny that tonight I was feeding my fish in my bare feet and stuck my hand into my 20 long to rinse off my fingers and couldn't move while the electricity was zapping me! I have been shocked before but this scared the bejesus out of me. My hand was curled up gnarly and not sure what snapped me out of the situation, but I was frozen for an instant and couldn't move. Probably undid all that good work that KU Med did for me! Just happy to still be vertical. Anyway, I do have a busted heater that needs a good home, now!


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I have been shocked a number of times around/in aquariums but never froze. Happy you got away and did not have to wait for a family member to find you. That may have taken a while;)