Sad News for HAAS - Steve Nicholas


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Some of you may not be aware but Steve Nicholas passed away at St. Luke's Hospice on August 8th, 2022 after a long battle with cancer. Steve spent many years with the Heart of America Aquarium Society. Steve started in the club around 50 years ago back in the 70s! He was a very generous and creative soul that loved aquatic pets. Steve also enjoyed working making jewelry, working with precious metals, growing and whatever would keep his mind and hands busy. He was always helping Jeff with managing the HAAS dry goods that are donated to our club. Steve knew his fish keeping days were behind him so he made arrangements to liquidate his aquariums and supplies. Those are listed in the Classified Aquariums section on this forum. Thank you, Steve, for thinking of the club and our fellow HAAS members.
As more details become available, I will post them on the website. RIP Steve!
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