Sad News. Dr. Wayne Leibel.


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Originally posted by Sam Scālz, Aquatic Artist and hobbyist

We bid farewell to a very special man in the Cichlid World. Doctor Wayne Leibel was a character that we will all miss. His passion for cichlids and other fish was top notch. As a friend and mentor, he taught me to enjoy life, laugh at everything and never take anything or anyone for granted. Growing up, I always had a tremendous amount of respect for his work in the hobby. When I finally got to meet him in person, he was every bit of the man I imagined; witty, intelligent and, at times, hilarious. He had a little bit of everything you'd want in his personality and he always made time to listen to my thoughts, theories and insights about fish and aquariums. Rest in peace, my friend! Love you and will miss you!!! #aquariumhobby #aquariumlegend #cichlidhobby #doctorwayneleibel #drwayneleibel #wayneleibel #cichlids #americancichlidassociation #aquariums #samscalz #samgarciajr #scalz