Remaining 2019 Schedule


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We are halfway though 2019 if you can believe it, so I just wanted to post to remind everyone of our remaining events for the year.

Jul – July 13th Meeting Robert Lupton Flip Aquatics “How to Breed Shrimp”
Aug – August 10th SWAP Meet
Sep – September 14th Meeting – Josh Cunningham, Cunningham Cichlids
Oct – October 12th Fall Auction
Nov – November 9th - Meeting officer elections for 2020 Speaker TBD
Dec – December 14th Pot Luck Xmas party and 2020 Planning Session

As you can see we are still missing a November speaker, if you want to volunteer or have an idea you can contact me (Jeff Curts) at


Meetings with speakers usually start at 1, swaps and auctions usually start at 12. Always the second Saturday.