November Meeting


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Our Novenber speaker is Chantz Cramer. He’ll talk about The horticulture of aquatic plants & wabi kusa aquascaping

Chantz's Bio:

My name is Chantz Cramer and I am from the Swamps of Loxahatchee Florida where there is a high concentration of aquatic plants found in nature. Everything from the common Ludwigia repens to the allusive and beautiful Rotala ramosior, they all reside here. My hobby within the hobby has been to locate and identify these species.

Aquatic plants are now my life. I recently converted a Gorilla cage into a mist house where I grow over 200 species of aquatic plants. Earlier in the year I told myself I’d enter at least 1 Aquascaping competition this year. I did just that and our team won People’s Choice for 2019 at the AGA/Fluval Large Tank Invitational. I’ve lived on the Horticulture end of the hobby for the past 9 years.

Along with Chantz we will have numerous door prizes including live plants and dry goods.

I will also be selling all Marine BIN items for 50% off so they will be 20% of retail, There will be other BIN specials also.


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Also, November is our election for 2020. If anyone wants to run for an office, you can email me in private. We have a few open spots available. We also will discuss the auction, so bring your ideas and opinions.

For other news, their was a pair of glasses lost at the auction, so if anyone recalls seeing them or can help locate them, please let Mike Meyer know ( And our sister club MASI is holding their auction (St. Louis) on the Sunday following our meeting. Their are know spots for sellers left, but lots of cool fish to snag at their event.