November Bowl Show


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Chatz Cramer is going to be November's speaker and he’ll talk about The horticulture of aquatic plants & wabi kusa aquascaping. Since we have already had a plant bowl show this year, I will make the show anything goes plants, inverts, livebearers, cichlids you name it.

This is also the last show of the year and with the current standing:

1st alexikoi 90 points

2nd Jacey 45 points

3rd jcurts 30 points

4th tie Regshelton and David Glaze 5 points

Steve has 1st sewed up so Jacey, Jcurts, Regshelton and David Glaze are fighting for 2rd and 3rd. Everyone can still win the monthly prize of BIN cash


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Results from Saturday

2 entries for anything goes

1st Jcurts red flame tail Cobra guppies 25 points

2nd ThatGuy fancy guppies 15 points

Year to date Standings

1st alexikoi 90 points

2nd jcurts 55 points

3rd Jacey 45 points

4th ThatGuy 15 points

5th tie Regshelton and David Glaze 5 points

Philip went from not on the map to 4th with his entry

I will have the year end prizes at the December meeting