November 2020 HAAS Meeting Minutes


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It was great getting together with a lot of fellow HAAS members. You can tell those that got to go were really missing talking about fish. I feel sorry they had to listen to me ramble on for a couple hours, but it went be really quick. The church requirements were very easy to follow and I don't think anyone had any problem with them. Plus, lots of folks helped clean up in the end! Thanks to everyone that attended!!!

I am going to post some notes about upcoming ideas and what to expect going forward.

We had two new members join. Welcome to the family!
Wayne Cade Jr. (from the Ohio area!)
Kenneth McElwee (September)

Attendees for Meeting (11)
Mike Meyer
Randy & Jenny Holmes
Harold Hathaway
Wayne Cade
Patrick Cook
Tim Eckerly
Bob Weber
Ray Lozano
Roger Simmonds
David Wilson

Our mini Auction brought in $67! Pretty good for the small crowd!

Here are topics that folks would like to see in the future.
Building Caves
Saltwater - maybe a couple talks per year
Bob had a good suggestion about a little mini talk (15 min) about some basics for newer people to the hobby (or refreshers for us old-timers)
Examples like - different types of filtration, diseases, water treatment.
Ponds (especially tub ponds)
Live food
Collecting trips
Gary Lange
Charlie Grimes
Jeremy Basche
Manufacturers and their products

Trips to:
KC Zoo
Springfield (Bass Pro)
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