Next meeting - Elections Updated for 2021

Still no meetings for January, 2021!!!

Our next meeting is yet to be scheduled. It will be in 2021. During this next meeting we will elect new officers. If you have any interest in serving on the HAAS leadership team or want to get involved in helping out on any of the committees, please let us know. You can email, or privately to me if you prefer -

The officer positions are elected:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Member at Large
In addition, we have these committees that are appointed by the President, but we love all the help we can get.
Appointed Positions:
  • Membership - "Tracks" membership, issues membership cards, conducts membership drives
  • BAP - Tracks BAP submissions, manages BAP Program
  • HAP - Tracks HAP submissions, manages HAP Program
  • PR - Public Relations - Helps promote the club in KC and beyond
  • Finance - Helps generate revenue for the club and audits Treasurer when needed
  • Program - Helps manage upcoming speakers and programs
  • Bowl Show - Manages Bowl Show entries and program
  • Sunshine Committee - Reaches out to members as needed to brighten up their day when needed
  • Refreshments - Manage food and drink for meetings
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No meeting for December 2020. We will see how things are going and let everyone know if a January meeting is in order very soon!
No meeting for HAAS for January 2021:( More news soon regarding alternatives until the Church allows us to get back together.