Newbie in JOCO


New member
My name is Shane and I've been keeping fish for about 2 years now, still lots to learn!
Currently trying to keep my multiple tank syndrome in check with 10 tanks going right now.
I think I may be looking to reduce the number of tanks in the future, but happy with what I got right now!
Look forward to meeting everyone!

Here are my tanks:
45 g African cichlid mix tank
40 g breeder with 2 angels and a mix of small schooling fish/corys/plecos
20 g rainbowfish mix/corys
20 g neon/schooling mix/corys
10 g German ram pair/corys
10 g livebearer mix
two 2.5 nano shrimp tanks
5 g cardinal tetras/pigmy corys
5 g betta fish
All planted and thriving!


Staff member
Welcome to your "support group!" MTS is a difficult medical condition to deal with. We are here to help!!!
Seriously welcome and hope to see you at an upcoming meeting soon!