Needing help selling 120 gal Tank with mature fish

Paul H

New member
Hi there,

My name is Paul Hodgdon and I am new to the club. I am reaching out to you all because I have a 120 Gallon freshwater tank and stand with filters, LED light, decorations, heaters, and mature fish dating back 10 years (clown Loach, roseline shark, pictus catfish, etc). Anyways, I understand tanks are like cars, you buy them off the lot and resale takes a hit. I am moving and need to sell everything rather quickly and am willing to make a deal to anyone interested. Not sure if I am allowed to "sell" items on here but more than anything I would be ecstatic and appreciative If anyone can help steer me in the right direction to get it all sold. Thank you.

Paul Hodgdon


Staff member
Paul, have you had any luck selling your fish? Hopefully we can find some interested buyers.