My Plecos, Corys and Cats


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What I'm currently Keeping
Centromochlus (Tatia syn)perugiaeHoneycomb/Oil Cat, Peru/Ecuador/Columbia10+ decent fry
TrachelyichthyselixisWoodcat, Rio Mamon Peru1 single
CorydorasduplicareusRio Poranga (Upper Rio Negro Brazil)6-8 fry in tank March 2019
Ancistruscf cirrhosusSuper Red15-20 Fry end of March 2019
Ancistruscf cirrhosusMarble Red
Ancistruscf cirrhosusBlue Eye Lemon/Albino
Ancistruscf cirrhosusAlbino (Red eye)
Hypancistrussp. L333White Line (Rio Xingu, Brazil)
Hypancistrussp.Lower Rio Xingu Brazil
Ancistrussp L107/L184Brilliant BN, Middle Amazon Solimoes
Peckoltiacompta L134Leopard Frog (Rio Tapajos)
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Good week/month for catfishes!

Spawn Corydoras duplicareus x 6-8, without trying to collect eggs, ala natural

Centromoclus pergiae x 10+