MN meeting on Zoom - Corydoras with Rob McClure - Thursday, Nov 5, 2020


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Thursday, November 5
November meeting & presentation
online room opens at 7:00pm
call to order @ 7:15 pm

main presentation: Corydoras by Rob McLure

This presentation is an effort to share the methods that have worked for me in caring for and breeding Corydoradinae catfish. While there is no single "right" way to breed Corydoras, I have found some repeatable processes have allowed me continued success with many different species. Whether just trying to take better care of your Corys, or taking steps to reproduce them, the information in this talk will hopefully help! The talk is geared toward general aquarium society audiences (hold the science please), but I feel even the most experienced Corydoras breeders will be able to learn something new, or have some new information to take away from the presentation.


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I was contacted by Willie Loh, the President of the Minnesota club. He is happy to extend this invitation to all HAAS members. Rob is a great speaker and you'll learn a lot about Corys if you can make it. Thursday, November 5th at 7:15! See you there.


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Did anyone else besides Charles get to attend this meeting? Rob McClure is a great speaker and very knowledgeable on Corys. I enjoyed it very much!


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we were registered for the meeting but my new PM work schedule contributed to us missing the OL content. I was hoping that there would be a follow-up link to view the presented content online?


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There is another meeting for this speaker being hosted by the Eastern Iowa aquarium society being done this weekend. I'll get details and post tonight. More to come! There was discussion about sharing the content from last week by the MASI club and I don't think that was going to be available, but I could be wrong. I can get you the contact name for their web stuff. I'll see what I can track down.