Looking for N. Multifasciatus - Can trade N. Ocellatus Gold


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Hey, y'all!

I recently bought a group of 6 Neolamprologus Ocellatus Gold to try to get a small group going in the front of my 55 gallon Tanganyikan community tank. This is my first foray into shellies, and while I did end up with a mix of males and females (yay!), they're living up to their tried-and-true aggressive natures, which means that my entire front viewing space has been dominated by one grumpy male (I have rocks in back and shells in front), forcing everyone else to find shells in places that are out-of-sight. While this works in theory (I've even seen some spawning behavior), I'd really like a fish that is more willing to share the front so I can watch. Would love to try some N. Multifasciatus instead, as they'll at least populate the space better, will be a tad smaller, and will dig more than my occies have been. If you have a group of Multies you'd be willing to trade, I have a group of 6 Ocellatus that can be all yours! :)

Thanks! :D