Let's get this party started! HAAS meetings are ready to start again! November 14th!!!


Staff member
This may be short lived, but we are going to try and get some momentum. The Church has given us a few basic rules to follow but they are not overly drastic or difficult to follow. I'll outline them below (soon). For now, we are for sure starting up our HAAS meetings on November 14th, 2020. Same time and location as normal. Our meeting topic is yet to be determined, but we will be hosting elections for 2021. We will post nominations for that in another thread. There will be no food or drink served at the meeting, so eat up prior to coming! Jeff will be bringing some goods from his "warehouse" to sell. If you are needing anything special reach out to him. I will bring some nice BAP entries to auction off. If anyone else has BAP that they want to submit as a donation to the club, let me know. Any questions, feel free to give me a call. Mike 913-568-4014