LED lighting question


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So, I haven't yet finished cycling my 75 gallon, and I'm thinking about setting up one of my 20L or 30 gallons with plants and some dwarf ciichlids. I still have C02 setups and things like that from last time I kept fish, but I was blown away by how much better the LED lighting has become.

Just wondering how you judge High light vs low light for LED lighting. I read that you should consider how many lumens per liter you have, but thought I would check what others are using as a guide. Thanks!

Duane Perry

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Lumens arent really a good measure for aquariums. Par and per are generally the units of measure used. If you want high light you probably need a couple fluval 3.0 plants on that tank or a few kessil lights or the new prism lights by nilocg.


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I’m struggling with this too. Just getting back into fishkeeping (Todd, is that you?) I used to always run 3-5 watts per gallon for low tech tanks up to 13 inches deep, with a little more for taller tanks. I’m having a hard time figuring out the equivalent for LED lighting.