July Bowl Show


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Good question Trish. Here are the official rules:

Bowl Show Rules​

  1. The bowl shows will take place at the General Monthly Meeting.
  2. These are not auction fish; you get to take them home if you bring them.
  3. You bring a fish for entry, one entry per person. The theme will be announced each month and will usually have something to do with the presentation going on.
  4. People's Choice award – all meeting attendees get 1 vote.
  5. Fishbowls up to 5 gallons are allowed, prefer smaller bowls
  6. Winner (and likely the others) get posted on the forums (if someone remembers to take pictures)
  7. Bowls should be aquascaped to make the residents more comfortable but the decorations should not affect the voting.
  8. One entry per person. Each member of the family can enter the contest provided the specimen entered is primarily cared for by the contestant.
  9. This is both a monthly and a yearly contest. Each participant will receive 5 points. The bowl with the most votes will get 20 additional points for a total of 25. The bowl with the second most points will be awarded an additional 10 points for a total of 15 points. Monthly prizes (chosen by the bowl show chairman) will be given out for first and second places. After the November bowl show all points awarded for the year will be added up and a yearly prizes (chosen by the bowl show chairman) will be awarded for first, second and third places

  • We set up the bowl show at the monthly meeting and attendee vote on their favorite though out the meeting. This month the prizes will be BIN cash. $15 for first, $10 for second and all entries receive $5.
HAAS does accept all forms of payment but for any method other than PayPal you must pay in person at a meeting.


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Where and what time? I do not use PayPal.Is there another way I can pay my dues?
Trish, I expect to be there Saturday and we can make arrangements to pay your dues. Ask for Carla or Mike when you arrive at the meeting Saturday.


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Year to date standings
1st alexikoi 45 points
2nd Jacey 30 points
3rd jcurts 25 points

Only 3 more bowls shows this year including tomorrow but still anyone's game:LOL:


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We had 5 entries Saturday which was a high for this year.:love:
1st alexikoi blue dream shrimp 25 points
2nd Jacey baby shrimp 15 points
3rd David Glaze Crystal red shrimp 5 points
Regshelton and jcurts 5 points

Year to date Standings
1st alexikoi 70 points
2nd Jacey 45 points
3rd jcurts 30 points
4th tie Regshelton and David Glaze 5 points