ISO female Bolivian Rams


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I have a pair of males. I am looking for females! The two males are peaceful together in my 55 gallon but I know they do better in larger groups. The problem is I have only found males so far via the LFS route.

Andy W.

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I have a trio of Bolivian rams in a 40 breeder with black phantom tetra's and pygmy cories, ended up with two females and a male.
It was a few years back, and my memory is a little fuzzy as to which shop they came from, but it was either Olathe or Lawrence; they seem to be less popular than the more colorful rams, but I would imagine they are on stocklists that many lfs can order for you.

Walter Grunden

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Live arts aquatics has them on their stock list. They will order any fish on that list for you. Orders for this week are due tonight. $8.99 less 15% this month.