Howdy from Baldwin City


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I’m getting back into fish keeping after taking a while off. My handle on the old site was AZrider. At one point I had a business breeding and wholesaling fish to pet stores, mostly Africans and catfish before I moved here from Arizona.

I currently have two tanks up and going, and my wife “is open” to the idea of setting up another one for me, “as long as it doesn’t get out of hand again.” We were recently gifted two 5.5 gallon tanks by a friend. My oldest daughter wants bright colored fish, and my wife wants a shrimp tank.


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29 gallon stock list:
Guppies (a lot of little ones, three adult females)
Norman’s Lamp Eyed Killiefish (x6)
White Cloud Minnows (x8)
Khuli Loaches (x8)
Albino Bristlenose (1 adult and one juvie)

29 gallon planted


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Daughter’s set up

This will be my daughter’s 5.5 gallon tank. I’m probably going to lose the battle, but I’ll try to get her to set up a somewhat natural looking tank.

unrelated, is there a way to get pictures to show directly without just showing a link?