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Photos may not be directly uploaded to the site. This is done for two primary reasons: (1) storage quickly fills up when many photos are directly uploaded, and we'd like to keep that to a minimum and to avoid hot linking, but (2) most importantly for you is that with services like Imgur and Photobucket, your photos are saved in the event something unpleasant happens which we, of course, do not anticipate.

Two of the more popular photo sharing services are Imgur and Photobucket. Below are links to tutorials for using each of them to post photos.

How to post photos using Imgur

Feel free to use this thread to test posting photos.


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I thought I'd put a little process doc on uploading photos to a forum post. Try this and let me know if it works or not for folks.

  1. Take your pic or save a photo to your desktop.
  2. Go to a pic hosting site. I use Imgur (Imgur: The magic of the Internet). It’s free and very solid.
  3. Set up your account or login to your account. Play around with the navigation of this site if you would like. It does a lot more than just hosting your photos!
  4. Click the green “Add Images” button
  5. Note: A good thing to do is select the album (Add to Album drop down) that you want to move your photo to. It helps you stay organized with lots of photos. You can always move them later.
  6. Browse the pics on your pc (or just drag them from your file manager) to create the copy of the picture file on the Imgur website.
  7. A popup screen will occur. Select the file of your photo and click open.
  8. Click on the photo you just uploaded.
  9. To the right are URL code snippets that you select by pressing the copy button. For our forum, the best is the BBCode line. Just copy and paste into your post and boom instant picture!!!
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Paul G

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I am unable to post photos. Has there been a change since the site was updated?

Have always used Imgur Direct Link and got copy every time. I tried all other methods on the menu and got the expected error messages that they were incorrect picks. Using Direct Link, I do not get an error message, but a brief period that suggests copy coming through, then just no show.