Hello from the Francois’

We are not new to pets, but quite new to aquarium pets. I was so happy to find this forum. We have 2 55g and a 40g all freshwater live planted. We cannot have children but love our pets as family. They include 2 pitbulls, 3 cats, 2 dragons, 10 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 geese, and 20 small fish and invertebrates. Excited to learn all we can!


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What a great selection of wildlife! I hope you can make a few meetings to listen to a few of the great speakers we have been getting. Welcome to the HAAS website.
It sounds like a magnificent menagerie to me! I would love to see some pictures of those dragons. Do you know why dragons hoard gold? It is because their underbelly is soft and they want something soft to nest in. Any plant material would catch fire when they breathe out. Pure gold is the only really soft metal there is. Enjoy your mixed-species family.