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Hello everyone,

My name is Jason, I'm 41 and a single father to a 2-year-old little girl. Once upon a time, I had a reef tank but due to circumstances (moving logistics and space) I had to give it up. However, now that I have more space and a daughter, the plan is to build her a tank to share the hobby with her and possibly build myself something larger in the future. We have a limited budget, but I think we can manage a nano reef right now.

Current trajectory:

Tank & Lighting:
Fluval Evo 13.5g (AIO)
Fluval Protien Skimmer
Fluval Heater
For lights (already know I need to upgrade the stock lighting) I'm trying to decide between the Fluval Marine 3.0 and the Current Orbit IC w/ Loop controller

Substrate & Aquascape:
15lbs. Nature's Ocean Live Black Beach Sand
20lbs Live Rock (Thinking of trying to get a community buy for Saltybottom going)

Probably Start with some nice looking softies and LPS

Rainbow Bubbletip Anemone
4x Ocellaris Clown Fish
Green Mandarin Dragonet
Domino Damsels
3-Stripe Damsels

Clean-up Crew:
Emerald Crab
Cleaner Shrimp
3x Turbo Snails

That's the plan anyway if anyone has anything to add, suggested changes, spare equipment for sale, I'm open to change.
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Update 1:

Decided to upgrade from the 13.5G Evo to the 32.5G Flex

Ordered the Flex, a Fluval PS1 Skimmer, and Heater
40lbs of CaribSea Life Rock
40lbs of CaribSea Ocean Direct (Sadly I couldn't find any black sand from a store and I wanted to see it before I buy to make sure that's what I wanted)
InkBird Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer with Aquarium Probe (for temp monitoring)
Current Dual eFlux Aquarium Wave Pumps 660GPH w/ Wireless remote
Aquatic Life RO Buddie Plus DI Four Stage RO system 50GPD
Salinity Refractometer
Marine Pure Biofilter 1.5" Spheres
PinkFusion and Purple Helix Combo Kit (Algae in a bottle)
Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt bucket
and a Marine Master Care kit from Red Sea