HAAS Meetings for 2020 - Update

The Church where we normally meet has decided based on recommendations from the CDC and Clay County Public Health directives to not allow any meetings till after Labor day. They will review this decision around that time. That means we will NOT be holding any HAAS meetings at the Church till at least October and perhaps even anything for the rest of this year. We will be entertaining ideas for alternatives to normal meeting activities. Further info to follow soon.
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If anyone wants to make suggestions on activities, feel free to comment on this thread. Here are a couple to start.
  • Virtual meetings - various topics
  • Virtual fishroom tours
  • Shop tours - might be good to try and promote stores and club at the same time
  • Road trip to Columbia or Lawrence for those pet stores
  • Fish collecting. I know it is hot out, but in a little while it will cool down. Plus you'll be in the water anyway!
  • Out door picnic event
Feel free to add more to the list or comment on what you'd like or dislike about any of these options.
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Normally about 30 is average but can get close to 50. Loose Park is a nice centrally located park. We used to hold meetings there when I first started with the club back around 1990 or so.