HAAS Meeting Today (9/11/21) - Giant Plant Auction

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1800 NE 65TH ST.

Julian Gonzales from our local club will be doing an Aquascaping demo and discussing some of the do’s and don’ts of aquascaping and plant keeping. After he finishes his masterpiece, we will auction off this newly decorated tank with some of plants (donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries) along with special substrate and décor. All donated to the club. All you’ll need is water (and maybe some fish)!!!

Florida Aquatic Nurseries
has donated around 60 super nice plants to be auctioned off at the meeting. This has been a very popular event over the past few years and you don’t want to miss out on these nice plants. If you would like to sell your own plants at this plant themed meeting, you may sell up to 5 plant items in the auction. You will get our customary split of the proceeds. The limit of 5 plants is due to time constraints. Mygroupauctions.com is open now to list those items Just like we do at the big auctions. Jeff Curts has listed the plants on Mygroupauctions.com (under HAAS and 9/11/21 date).

The bowl show will be themed Aquatic plants. Bring in your bowl of fancy plants and score points that accumulate for the annual bowl show contest!

Sorry our website is down. If you have any questions please call or text Mike at 913-568-4014. We are hoping to have it back on line by the meeting time. You can also email anytime at info@kcfishclub.org.


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Thank you Julian for your aquascaping presentation. If you were into plants, today's meeting was your day. Hope everyone got to stock up on new plants!
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