HAAS Meeting - October 9th 2021


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Hi! My name is Kat and I dabble in the dark side...

Hi everyone. I am excited to be a speaker at your October club meeting this year. Your club was kind enough to invite me to speak. The topic is social media and how to be a good influencer in the hobby. I like to speak from my real experience and have several funny stories to share.

I am a saltwater hobbyist that fell in love with planted tanks at the 2018 Aquatic Experience show. In 2016 I turned my love for the hobby into a career and I work full time as an independent marketing company for the aquatics industry. Until recently, Marine Depot was my oldest and largest client and I have a unique insiders view of life in this hobby from both sides of the spectrum. In the last 2 years I was consulting with their purchasing department and recommending Freshwater products they carried and I am on the core team for my local freshwater aquatic plant club.

Please connect with me on Instagram, just last night my post on influencers became a very good debate and conversation. Check my stories where I post guidelines for sponsored hobbyists, my MACNA video about my hashtag that went viral and so much more including my little Octopus, Inky.

Please drop me a comment here but also on IG to say hi and what would be interesting to hear about at the meeting next month.
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This meeting will be at the old church starting at 1 PM.

Fairview Christian Church
1800 NE 65th Street
Gladstone, MO 64118