HAAS Meeting - October 9, 2021 -

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MetroKat!!!! 1PM
Mini Auction
Bowl Show
The usual fishy fun stuff

Fairview Christian Church
1800 NE 65th Street
Gladstone, MO 64118
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Excited to attend!
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Tasha, A zoom link is a way folks can view a presentation on line from the comfort of your PC. This was our first regular meeting with the technology. A lot of aquarium clubs are trying this process out because of the pandemic. Some have been very successful! A lot are posting their zoom activities on Youtube to keep it for others to use. It's a bit of a double edged sword. The benefit is the cost. You can view any speaker from anywhere in the world with relatively no cost! The downside is you don't get that face to face interaction and the meetings often have little glitches and such due to interenet connectivity. It's probably something we will toy with, but don't worry, we don't plan of fully shifting all of our meetings to an online process. This one was actually a regular meeting where the speaker was on Zoom. Technically, anyone with the invite could watch it, but we didn't want to take up too much time getting everyone logged in. It was basically an experiment for us.