HAAS Fall Auction - Saturday, October 8th, Noon Start


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Our next big auction is Saturday, October 8, 2022!

Auction will be at:

Gashland Presbyterian Church
8029 North Oak Trafficway

This event is free to attend for both members and non-members! There will be Plants, Fish (Freshwater and usually Saltwater), Aquatic Supplies, Tanks, equipment, decor, food. Really anything fishy related.

Auction starts at Noon.
Viewing will start at 11AM.
Setup starts at 10AM.

Preview items to be auctioned off at the following link - Auction Preview (mygroupauctions.com)
At this site, you can see what folks are "planning" on bringing. As people add or adjust right up until auction time, this might change, but will give you some good ideas of what may be available. Most items are added in the last 24 hours before the auction starts.

We will be doing a couple online Zoom meetings the weekend before and we will also be setting up the Church Friday and doing some in person training to do registration and help sellers print out labels. These extra training sessions will be announced shortly with times and directions on how and where to attend. You are welcome to contact any of the officers if you have trouble.

If you want to sell items in the auctions everyone can bring up to 40 items, but you must pre-register to sell. Contact auction@kcfishclub.org to register. Members get a larger percent of the sales (70/30) than non-members (60/40). Donations are always welcome, too.

We will be selling items in various ways just like at the last few auctions. There is our regular voice auction, a Dutch auction, or you can sell directly as a Buy it Now where you set your price. All 3 methods receive the same split (unless you choose to donate your proceeds). I will post some threads explaining each in detail. Please understand that no matter which method you choose, there is a set limit of 40 items total. There are also rules related to how many items have to be done with each selling process.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Feel free to ask on this thread, message me or send an email to auction@kcfishclub.org
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Mikey our president and jack of all trades at auctions has tested positive for Covid so we need about 10 people to step up this weekend to make our auction work. We are doing set up on Friday night and we will need a lot of help during the auction doing everything from auctioneering to running items and of course clean up after the auction. There is something for everyone of any age. Come join the fun. Not promises but there are usually bribes to work as well.


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Here are the Raffle items for Saturday. You need not be present to win.

Raffle Item 1
Aquael ULTRAMAX 2000 External Filter link list $200

Raffle Item 2

Noopsyche K7 V3 reef light, with the controller and mounting arm retail $120

Raffle Item 3
Zoomed Aquasun LED 24” retail $80

Raffle Item 4
Discus prize pack

$25 gift card to DiscusUSA

$50 Gift card to thatfishplace

$15 gift card to Everything Aquatic


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Thanks to all who came out today. We missed some of our long time members due to health concerns, get well Mikey and Randy, but we had new members step up, thanks Amanda and the Herr family. Things change but HAAS continues on, as it has for the last 70 years. I hope to see everyone at the November meeting were among other things we will elect officers for 2023