Greetings from leavenworth


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New to forum. I live in Leavenworth, Kansas
I am a grandmother of several grandchildren and I have 4 fish aquariums with a variety of small fish.

5 g with 1 gorgeous female betta
10g with 3 guppies
20g German blue rams, 2 Cory's, 1 super red bristle nose pleco
29g 1 polar blue/platinum dwarf parrot, young anglefish, 4 rainbow kribenses (I'd like to rehome the kribs) 3 cory, and normal color bristle nose pleco

Each aquarium is planted and has fake plants also.
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Welcome to our forum!!! Hope you can make it to some of our meetings. Usually we meet on the second Saturday of each month. Our address is on the home page. If you need anything aquarium related feel free to ask here or email us at