Getting the BAP program set up on the new website!


Staff member
It has been a little while coming but I have updated our old records to be available on the new website. I haven't quite figured out what I need to do to make it all visible to everyone. I would love to hear of ideas from anyone that wants to discuss the program or has ideas on how it can improve. If anyone has submitted any spawns over the past 12 months, contact me and I'll make sure we are on the same page. David Glaze, I have your 4 spawns updated in the tracking log. Adam, I need to find a few of your forms. Contact me if you want to discuss! Mike 913-568-4014


New member
Glad to see some activity on the BAP. It was always one of my favorite parts of the club. If I ever get my tanks organized again I would love to maybe work on Rainbows, Killifish and Characins and Minnows... Who knows it could happen but it is a challenge working with fewer tanks. When I was really after it I was rotating stock and tanks on a regular basis to accommodate the new challenges.