Get the Vaccine


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I want to encourage everyone to get a corona virus vaccination so we can get back to our fishy business, Many of you may not realize that many/most of our club members are at high risk to contract the virus. Myself, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease for the past 11 years and I am on a daily immuno-suppressant. There are also some members who have infant or toddler children who don't want to bring the virus home to them. I was asked by a club member yesterday how much the shot costs, and I told him it is free if you sign up at a public vaccination site. The Federal government already paid for it. Please get your shot so we can all get together and swap fish and fishy lies, like the good old days. You will see me back at club functions 2 weeks after my second shot. Thanks for reading my two cent worth. Good luck and I still have a lot of club products to sell (see previous posts for details).
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