GCCA Webinar: The History of the Cichlid Hobby

Walter Grunden

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Event by Greater Chicago Cichlid Association

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About the Talk
The aquarium hobby has a rich history. In this informative talk, Chuck will review the origins of the hobby, the technical developments of the hobby from the 19th century to today, and, of course, the cichlids and how they entered the hobby.
The talk includes many historic pictures of the people, the aquaria and the fish that made our hobby what it is today.
About the Speaker
Chuck Rambo has been keeping tropical fish for almost 50 years. His main areas of interest are cichlids and the history of the hobby. Chuck has benn to Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika with Ad Konings. Chuck has the honor of being a "Fellow" with the American Cichlid Association. He has served with the ACA as a Chairman, BOT member and on many committees. He currently keeps cichlids from all over the world. He has served as President and numerous committees with his local club, the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association