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Hi! I have a 135 gallon tank (fw) that has been up and running without issues for a year now but I've been dabbling into saltwater for a while now. I am wanting to take down the freshwater tank and invest a saltwater tank so I need to get rid of my livestock then sell the tank and equipment later. Here's what I currently have:

3 albino Heckelii - $20 for sm/$30 for md/$40 for lg
4 geophagus (altifrons?) - $20 for sm/$30 for LG
2 clown loaches (md/lg) - $30 for both
1 striped raphael catfish - $10
8 madagascar rainbows (2-3 inch) - $5 each or $30 for all
1 sm red shoulder severum - $20
1 green phantom pleco (md) - $30

Tank equipment (will sell after livestock is gone and I will update with prices)

135 gallon tank/stand & light
Penn plax Cascade canister
Oase Biomaster 350 canister
3 large pieces of driftwood

All fish are healthy and well taken care of. I think I finally figured out how to post pictures below!

If anyone is interested in the whole tank and livestock package, text me at 913-306-3079.
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