Fish For Sale — January 2023


HAAS+ Member
I have the following available and will be at the meeting on Saturday for pick up or can arraign to meet other time. Can send pictures by email or text if interested.
Tim Eckerley. 574-514-1731

Longfin Leopard Danios 8 for $10 — these are young adult fish with fins starting to grow out and good gold color.
Longfin White Clouds — 8 for $20 —young adults, fins starting to grow out. Good color.
Multies (shell dwellers)— 5 for $25
Kribensis (Pelvicachromis puncher) — $10 pair, young adult fish
Julies (julidochromis marlieri) — $6 each, currently have about 6 available, young adults about 2 inches long.
Kribensis Moliwi ( pelvicachromis kribensis) — $15 pair. Only have 1 pair for sale now but will have more in future as they grow out. These are still juveniles about an inch long. Do not have full color but able to sex. Beautiful fish very seldom seen in pet shops. Different species but very similar care as common kribs.
Sparkling gourami — $4 each,